Healthcare: Jessa knows that healthcare is a basic need and is personally invested in creating a universal healthcare that will save lives and not break the bank. For her day job she works to build a publicly financed and privately delivered healthcare system in the state to cover everyone not under a Federal plan and will work tirelessly to protect our rural clinics and hospitals. As a part of this legislative effort she will work to negotiate drug prices down and ensure fair reimbursement for services. Jessa is committed to ensuring we fix our broken mental health system and that nurses and hospital staff get the breaks they need to be effective in their jobs. 

Education, and Opportunity: Jessa supports investments in our children and youth such as universal pre-K programs and debt-free community college for WA students with an expanded focus on technology and the trades. She has the backing of the teachers unions because she will work to get more dollars into the classrooms and will push for evidence based curriculum and teaching practices as well as address the growing crisis of homeless students in our schools.

Jobs & Economic Development: Jessa is a strong believer that workers and small businesses drive the economy. She supports trade unions and the right to organize. Jessa believes the best way back to a strong middle class is to empower workers, pay people well and ensure that they can retire with dignity. She also is pushing for infrastructure investment in broadband, water systems, roads and more that will attract companies to move to the area. Jessa is a strong advocate not just for the workers but also business owners and entrepreneurs. You can count on her to fight regulations and policies that make it harder for businesses to start and survive. 

Fiscal Responsibility: Jessa knows it’s your money. As a single working mom, she knows the struggles and challenges facing today’s families. Her parents like so many others are struggling with the increase in property taxes and medical debt.  She will work to end tax breaks that are no longer benefiting our communities and to push for the Working Families Tax Rebate that has sat unfunded for ten years. 

Veterans and Military: We must do more to ensure access to affordable housing and care options for all of our veterans and military families in the region, as well as a good quality of life for the families of those who serve. Fairchild AFB and the VA are major institutions in our community and it’s imperative that the state holds up our end of the bargain. 

Technology Investments: In Eastern Washington we are behind in terms of broadband connectivity and speed. Jessa will push for new investments in Washington to increase access to high speed broadband so that the companies of tomorrow can launch in our region. She is also a champion for energy security through green collar projects that will make our communities more resilient. 

Infrastructure: Our region needs funding and maintenance of basic infrastructure including roads, bridges, sewers, culverts and other essential utilities. The Washington Public Works Trust Fund needs to be replenished. Our state has let too many of these essential infrastructure projects fall to the wayside. We can’t keep kicking the can down the road.

Guns: Jessa grew up in a household where hunting was how they put food on the table and as a teenager she competed in marksmanship in 4-H. She currently has a concealed carry permit but is also endorsed by the Alliance for Gun Responsibility and is a Moms Demand Action “Gun Sense Candidate” for her commitment as a responsible gun owner to passing gun safety legislation.

Retirement with Dignity: It is shameful that our seniors are skipping meals to afford medication and are struggling to find affordable places to live. We have a responsibility that we have neglected for too long and it’s time to rectify this.

Natural Resource Management: As a former Park Ranger Jessa understands that our public lands are our heritage, and she will work to ensure we manage those resources for the wellbeing of current generations and the enjoyment of our children’s children.

Climate Change and Agriculture: We must work now to ensure resilient communities in a time of changing climate. Food and water security are paramount, as are safeguards to ensure the stability of our local family farms. Washington State must take a stronger role in supporting international trade as well as establishing policies to support local food economies.

Criminal Justice Reform: It’s time to adopt “smart justice” practices and end our tax-wasting mass incarceration practices that don’t keep our communities safer. It’s also time to address unfunded mandates and a shortage of public defenders. We must also leverage apprenticeships and other programs that help those formerly incarcerated to find the jobs that will prevent recidivism.

Campaign Finance Reform and Trust: Jessa’s campaign is one funded by the people, and that is who she will represent. She’s pledged to not take corporate PAC money and will work towards rebuilding the trust people have in their government.

More topics will be posted soon!! If you would like to know where Jessa stands on anything not included here please email